What we do?


Home cleaning

We offer monthly home cleaning services, when you subscribe to our home cleaning plan, you get access to weekly cleaning of your house.


Laundry and Dry cleaning

We provide the best on time, quality laundry service, we have various laundry subscription plans that run for a month. When you subscribe to a plan, you get access to unlimited number of clothes, mending, free pick and delivery every 48 hours.


Factory and Hotel cleaning

Built a new factory,hotel, shop or ware house, we will clean it all up for you and get it ready to function as quick as possible.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Are my Card Details secured?

Yes your card details are secured, we partner with a very secure payment company (Paystack) to handle card transcitions, payments and subscription details and all card transactions are encrypted end to end. Be assured that none of your details will be accessed by any third party.

How much is the cost of the subscription?

Our subscriptions are of differnt plans, we have the Individual plan which cost N10,000 per person. we have the Family plan which cost N15,000 and covers an entire family. we have the the Company plan which starts at N30,000 and it is for hotels, guest houses etc, Note: ALL SUBSCRIPTION PLANS RUN FOR A MONTH AND ARE AUTO RENEWED.

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