About company

Mint laundry was founded in 2021, its goal was to provide effective, affordable and fast laundry service. We perfected a fast delivery system to meet up with customer demands. We offer Subscription Laundry Service (SLS) to companies, individuals and families. Our service comes with fast pick up and delivery at your door step.

We partner with comapnies to provided laundry service to its staffs, providing a balance work life. As a company we have mastered the act of providing efficent subscription laundry service with our main focus on speed and excelent customer support.

Our Process

This is how we work

We collect your clothes

Pick a subscription plan, make payment and we pick up your clothes at your door step twice a week for the month!

Wash your clothes

The automated process starts as soon as your clothes go into the machine. The outcome is gleaming clothes!

Get delivery

Your neat clothes packaged and gets delivered at your door step!